In 1910 the village of Withyham bought a piece of land from the de la Warr family to build a village hall. A mortgage was raised to purchase the land and pay for the building.
To this day the hall is still owned by Withyham village and is now a registered charity.

It is officially known as the Kings’ Hall. Please note the position of the apostrophe! The hall is named after TWO kings– Edward VII who died in May 1910 and his son George V who succeeded him the same year.

It has been used as a village hall ever since then. In the early days it was used largely by community groups such as the Boys’ Club and Girl Guides, who were actually founded in 1910 by Robert Baden-Powell

Nowadays the hall is still used mainly by the local community and in the village of Withyham it is a vital part of that community. It cannot survive by rental income alone as running costs would far exceed a market rate. So the Hall Committee organize regular fund-raising events and the Withyham Parish Council support the Hall with regular grants. It also benefits from generous donations from individuals and bodies such as the local church.

If you are interested in supporting the continuing existence of the Hall by organizing a fund-raising event or a donation, our Chairman would be delighted to hear from you.

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