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A welcome from the Parish Priest

Welcome to the Withyham Church Community  – which has almost certainly existed for a millennium, and probably longer.  We do know that Christianity has been in this area since the late 700s, but not when it first came to what is now Withyham.

We also know that for a while in the 14th century we were privileged to be a cell of a Benedictine abbey in Normandy; and later on, a cell of the Abbey of St Martin of Tours.

In 1000 years there have of course been many changes – to the building, to content and style of worship, to almost everything.  We live nowadays in a time that has seen radical cultural change. Many people are feeling a loss of eternal values and spiritual certainties.

However, our Church still stands as a sign of the beauty and generosity of God, in whose Name we are made welcome.

We are an Anglican Church, and proud to welcome people of all ages, church traditions, degrees of faith, and levels of commitment. We can manage this because of our policy of a “mixed economy” – a style of church services that ranges from . . .

  • a traditional Matins and Evensong from the Book of Common Prayer, with a robed choir, to . . .
  • a contemporary-style Family Eucharist, which sets out to accommodate everyone, but also to be nourished by the deep spiritual roots of our Tradition.

We hold three services most Sundays, as well as at main Festivals, and there are also  weekday services throughout the year.  Currently between 40 and 100 people attend each week.  For our  programme of services, click here.

Our Church has also been a centre for community and village life. We play a leading part in the annual village Christmas Pantomime. There is an annual Church Fete, a Harvest Supper and other shared meals.

In all this, our priorities are :

  • a warm, friendly and open atmosphere
  • good and singable music
  • space for stillness and reflection
  • a gentle spiritual nurturing from the Christian Tradition
  • the opportunity for people of all ages to participate in the running of the services.

I hope you will enjoy browsing this site, as it gradually gets revised and developed, and perhaps also visiting St Michael’s – whether as a visitor or a worshipper.

The Rectory, Withyham, TN7 4BA
Telephone: 01892 770976

More information on the church Website

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